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Companies and developers around the world use ARFuse to bring their apps to life.  Read our featured case studies here.




Fluffr created a new ecosystem of “engagement” marketing where companies, influencers, technology and customers come together in a new and exciting way. Instead of collecting game characters, you can collect reward tokens to redeem for prizes or currency.  Using ARFuse's powerful location based engine and machine learning, Fluffr built an ecosystem where everyone wins.




location-based game Inspired by mexico

Univision and Candy Lab partnered up to build Unitería, a location-based AR game inspired by the classic Mexican game. Players collect cards around Texan cities and win special offers.  

Using the map view in your device, find nearby card locations in your neighborhood.  Strategize your route to find different color cards or collect coins to buy more cards!


Texas Rope ‘em™

world's first location-based AR poker game

Launched at SXSW 2017, players explored Austin, Texas to find the perfect poker hand to beat the dealer.  Completely immersive, players looked for cards to make the perfect hand using ARFuse's groundbreaking technology.



Athletes Connect With Sports Fans

Fan First is a social sports app where Athletes have direct connections to their fans. Players can participate in trivia, geographical events, kick field goals, collect in game virtual currency, learn about their favorite players, and have access to a live news feed. 

Coming Spring 2018

ARFuse gives Unity developers everything they need to update, build, deploy, host and manage location-based augmented reality applications.
— Andrew Couch (Founder, Candy Lab AR)