ARFuse Known Issues

This page contains a frequently updated list of the presently identified problems, issues, and bugs that we have logged for ARFuse.

Please browse this list fist to see if your issue is addressed here. If not then submit a post to our Facebook Community here or email us here.


Known Issues

AR images won't load initially in AR Camera mode

After first launching the ARFuse example app, when going in the AR view for the first time, all the images won't load, instead displaying a spinner forever. The next  time you open AR view, the images will load.

Client is not generating visits correctly for analytics

The analytics on ARFuse Portal backend are working but the Unity client seems to have never generated any visits during testing.  It might be because the client is using some other API call for generating a visit (other than the one assumed would be used) 

Landscape mode in ARFuse causes screen tiling (mostly Android)

Tilting phone to landscape mode while in AR view causes screen camera view to tile.  Repro steps:
1. Log into ARFuse app
2. Go in AR camera view mode while in portrait mode
3. Turn phone sideways to landscape mode and observe tiling in screen

Still experiencing an issue?

Sometimes problems are caused due to outages and they can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Check out our status page to see if it's causing your issue.