Augmented reality meets real-time location

Deliver location-based mobile content at outdoor events, retail centers, and points of interest.

Drive foot traffic to brick and mortar locations.

Develop apps enhanced with beacons to support high-density events, such as concerts and malls.

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By building our own powerful back-end server, Candy Lab AR created a completely unique and brilliant software engine.  Paired with GPS locations and iBeacon devices, developers can create a rich and dynamic content to bring AR to life.


Single Code Base

Our proprietary location-based Augmented Reality engine has been weaved into a private label mobile process. This allows Candy Lab to rapidly deploy Augmented Reality experiences.


Management System

Using battle tested technology, ARFuse contains a solid CMS to manage locations, content, and data.  Quickly add, edit, and remove locations using GPS coordinates, physical addresses, or iBeacons. 

 With ARFuse's easy-to-use CMS Add, Edit, and Manage your locations.

Launch ARFuse's powerful content management system and Add, Edit, and Manage your locations.

 Upload images, deals, and 3D markers to enhance the user’s experience as they interact with their world.

Create experiences that trigger at specific GPS or Beacon locations.  Upload deals to enhance the user’s experience as they interact with their world.

 Encourage the user to share unique locations and achievements to evoke friendly competition.

Publish your app.  Users can also share unique locations and compete for prizes to win!

 Organize special events to keep your users engaged—educate, entertain, explore!

Keep users coming back to collect prizes or tokens using a gamified experience.  With ARFuse, you can educate, entertain, and explore!

If you can dream it, you can built it.

Developers of all skill levels can harness AR in their app designs. ARFuse combines an easy to understand portal with a powerful back-end server to eliminate barriers to simplify even the most complex app requirements. Engage mobile users with enhanced game play and location-based technology. Drive foot traffic to hyper-specific locations, and deliver relevant, actionable content in Augmented Reality.

 If you can dream it, you can build it.  ARFuse eliminates barriers to entry, and makes Augmented Reality approachable.