ARFuse Features

ARFuse is filled with features that benefit developers, designers, and users.  Check this page often as more features are added with each system update.

Custom 3D Objects

Use 3D logos and objects to mark map locations.

GPS and Beacons

Batch upload GPS for outdoor experiences and beacons for indoor experiences to create precise locations.

Cross Platform

Works with current and previous iOS and Android devices.



Automated Reporting and Analytics in the Portal.  Obtain valuable data and statistics from specific campaigns.

Gamified Experience

Easily create custom games that draw players in and encourage them to stay active.

Custom Designs

Upload your designs to custom any way you need.


Existing Templates

ARFuse includes templates to make your developing easier and faster to produce.

Login Options

Email and Social login options are both available


Players can enter a sweepstakes after completing a task.


Players can compete against friends and compare scores.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

**Coming Soon!**