Augmented Reality Developers Get a Boost with ARFuse plugin for Unity

Candy Lab AR, the leaders in location-based Augmented Reality technology, announced the upcoming launch of “ARFuse”, giving developers access to never-before-seen tools.  ARFuse makes a bold entrance with real-time location editing, seamless integration for both Android and iOS systems, support for all age devices, and more developer control.

 ARFuse Portal

Skillfully built, ARFuse has been optimized and perfected since 2011.  The plugin was inspired by founder and military veteran Andrew Couch’s time in the U.S. Infantry where he was assigned as a ground navigation and satellite communications specialist.  Andrew set out to build the ultimate AR engine that would sit atop almost any map a developer would need and a management system that closely resembled the set up and operation of FBCB2 (also known as Blue Force Tracker).

To build out the back-end (ARFuse Portal), Candy Lab AR recently acquired GleoPoint, a location-based media network platform that has passed over 22M+ subscribers.  The new ARFuse Portal allows developers to select mobile AR templates, review analytics, access resources, and upload and update locations in real time. (Read about more features here).

By attracting industry-leading AR scientists early on, Candy Lab built its own 9-axis sensor fusion engine and has become the foundation for some of the first location-based Augmented Reality experiences in the United States. Using ARFuse, Candy Lab AR has built several location-based augmented reality apps with the plugin including ¡Uniteria!, Texas Rope ‘Em, Fluffr, and FanFirst.

Developers are already buzzing about the time-saving features of a plug and play product for AR with a real-time delivery content management system.  The ARFuse Software Tools and Unity Plugin means that developers won’t have to recompile their mobile AR app if they make any changes to locations and content on the backend.

ARFuse gives Unity developers everything they need to update, build, deploy, host and manage location-based augmented reality applications.
— Andrew Couch (Founder, Candy Lab AR)

A cross-platform plugin for both Android and iOS operating systems, ARFuse is a robust enterprise-class combination of mobile AR proprietary technology, app templates, and features that free developers from the budget and risk of complex client-server app development. Developers can use both GPS and Beacons in ARFuse.

Candy Lab AR is an award-winning location-based Augmented Reality Technology company headquartered in Irvine, CA. Since the 2011 launch of its first use case , Candy Lab AR has created location-based Augmented Reality apps, graced tech publications, and has established itself as a leading force in the augmented reality community. Candy Lab’s technology is featured in Mashable, Adweek, VentureBeat, Forbes, and is the recipient of multiple Addy awards.