Meet Candy Lab AR's new CEO: Josephine Munis


Candy Lab AR has announced the appointment of Josephine Munis as their new CEO.  She will assume responsibilities on April 1, 2018, and will succeed Andrew Couch, who will be shifting his focus to new product development as Chief Innovation Officer.

Josephine Munis has been part of the Candy Lab AR team since 2016, beginning in the Marketing Department before being promoted to CEO. During that time she increased the company’s profile and user engagement for Candy Lab AR while being responsible for day-to-day marketing and operations.

With the upcoming launch of Candy Lab AR’s latest product innovation ARFuse, Josephine is poised to take the company into their most profitable and successful year to date.  ARFuse is a best-of-class software engine designed for Unity developers that provides real time location-based Augmented Reality.

I’ve always been drawn to new technology, and working with Candy Lab AR has been a perfect fit.  We will continue to push the limits of what is possible and offer great products to our customers at a terrific value.
— Josephine Munis

Josephine is a leader in the rapidly expanding VR / AR field.  She currently serves as the President for the VR AR Association (Los Angeles Chapter) and travels worldwide to deliver talks and provide education.  Her past experience includes work with Experian, Beckman Counter, and Fiberlink (IBM Company). She has been featured in various publications including The Drum and The Mic, and will be speaking at various high profile events in 2018 including SXSW, NAB, VRX Europe and AWE.


For more information: please contact Candy Lab Public Relations Dept at  (619) 356-8563 or at

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