PLAYLIST: What the ARFuse Team is Listening to Today

It’s early morning, and we’ve got Kygo’s rhythmic indie electronic sounds spilling out of the Bluetooth speakers.  Music is a big part of the ARFuse Team, and we thought it would be fun to introduce you to team who is bringing you the best Augmented Reality Plugin in the galaxy through each of our personal theme songs. 

Andrew:  “It's GO Time!”

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Couch is usually the one leading the charge and getting the team pumped.  Andrew likes that Eminem is a focused monster when he gets on the mic, and uses that same strategic approach when it comes to tech innovation. Take no prisoners! We’re ready to tackle today’s challenges and when we listen to Andrew’s anthem:

Believe by Eminem

Josephine: “Play Hard, Work Harder”

Our fearless CEO Josephine Munis always gives 110% in everything she does.  As a deep cut music aficionado, Josephine shows her fun and lighthearted side with this obscure 80s song.  We love her all-about-my-business mindset paired with her an unparalleled sense of humor and fun.  Hats off to this boss extraordinaire!

Party All the Time by Eddie Murphy

Michelle: “Keep On Hustlin”

Operations Director Michelle Hernandez keeps all of us in check as she directs our legal and contract details.  She is truly a dynamic diva, and makes sure all of the developers and creatives on the team are getting the job done. Just make sure you come correct at all times! 

Hustlin by Rick Ross

Drake:  “A Beautiful Mind”

Creative Director Drake Schaberg works in the abstract and creates the stunning graphics and visual creations that are a huge part of ARFuse.  He doesn’t need words for this song, preferring to let his mind expand to epic heights and use his incredible creative forces.

Oogway Ascends by Hans Zimmer and John Powell (Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack)

Kourosh: “Eyes on the Prize”

Unity Master Kourosh Ghahremani is just that, both a dedicated student of the world and a deserving master at Unity! He has earned his title with a slick combination of hard work and a strong appetite for the technical workings. It’s no wonder his aesthetic aligns with the fire in his song:

Pray for Me by Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd


Now it’s my turn!  I’m Natalie Cole, your ARFuse Account Manager.  Love our social media and those obscure pop culture references?  That’s where I come in.  No matter what it looks like now, I am out to do the impossible.It also doesn’t hurt that this song also emulates high levels of flyness. Best believe victory will be mine! 

Buy the World by Mike Will Made It feat Future, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar

Check out ARFuse’s team playlist and get inspired to code, design, or just chill:

Have a song that your team loves?  Let us know in the Comments!