Road Trippp!!!!! SXSW is one big awesome festival but the road to get there from sunny Irvine, California is a long one! 

 Listening to sweet tunes.

Listening to sweet tunes.

Road Trip Checklist:

  • good gas mileage
  • snacks
  • blanket
 Mandatory Road Trip stop at In-N-Out

Mandatory Road Trip stop at In-N-Out

As we are making the journey to Austin, Texas, we are cruising along thanks to some cool music.  We are loving Drake's “God’s Plan” and bumping our heads to Migos’ “Stir Fry.” 

Every road trip needs some good fuel for the body, so we had to stop at In N’ Out for sustenance! If you have never had one, you’re missing out but we are pretty sure Austin is going to have the best food options…so no worries. 

Also in the playlist is (of course) Kendrick Lamar and please tell me you have heard Skrillex’s remix of Humble!  In our ARFuse SXSW playlist there’s a pretty good mix of rap, pop, and lots of high energy. It’s 21 hours from Irvine to Austin, so we need the music to keep us going. 

See you at SXSW!

What's your ESSENTIAL "Road Trip" song?  Let us know in the Comments!