Introducing ARFuse

Candy Lab AR, the leaders in location-based Augmented Reality technology, are poised to launch “ARFuse” this Spring!!


ARFuse will give developers never-before-seen tools to make AR more accessible and faster to build.  ARFuse makes a bold entrance with real-time location editing, seamless integration for both Android and iOS systems, support for all age devices, and more developer control. 

The ARFuse Software Tools and Unity Plugin means that developers won’t have to recompile their mobile AR app if they make any changes to locations and content on the backend. The new ARPortal allows developers to select mobile AR templates, review analytics, access resources, and upload and update locations in real time. 


ARFuse is unique in that it is designed to be accessible on an international scale. We invite developers from all over the world to explore how ARFuse can change their businesses, their communities, and the limits of what we thought was possible before.
— Andrew Couch, Founder